Willi Bredel will ich nenn’, video still, 2018

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Willi Bredel will ich nenn’ (I want to recall Willi Bredel)

As part of her research on the tradition of worker writers and in cooperation with the Hamburg based rapper Captain Gips, Ina Wudtke produced the video “Willi Bredel will ich nenn’”(I want to recall Willi Bredel). Captain Gips plays the German metall worker and turner Willi Bredel (1901 Hamburg - 1964 Berlin East), one of the best known worker writers of his time whose books were translated into 17 languages. His book “Die Prüfung” (The Ordeal) was the first written document about a concentration camp. As Willi Bredel seems almost forgotten today, it’s about time to recall his name. Bredel discovered writing through the workers correspondence movement of the 1920s. Workers were called to send in texts about their working and housing conditions by Marxist newspapers. Bredel's texts were first released as a novel series in the newspaper “Hamburger Volkszeitung”. Between 1930 and 1933 they were finally released as well priced paperbacks in the Red 1 Mark Novels series (Internationaler Arbeiter-Verlag). From 1933 they were released in exile in London, Prague and Moscow, and after the Second World War in the GDR. From there they were dristributed world wide. During the last years of his life, Will Bredel was the president of the Academy of the Arts of the GDR. The Video is shown in exhibitions together with a selection of original editions of Willi Bredels books from the 20s, 30s until to the 70s.
video, English, 16:9, color,
4:33 min., 2018
Willi Bredel will ich nenn’, installtion view 2018, exhibition space of the metal trade union IGM, Berlin